What is Functional Training?

Moni_gym-0630How can you work on improving strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and your core all at once while constantly keeping your body challenged to be the strongest version of yourself? Functional training!

When I started my first job as a personal trainer, I had a lot of freedom to coach and teach whatever I wanted. At my second training job, I worked for a company that had more say in how I trained. Gaining experience from different jobs as well personal experience and coaching from others, I’ve grown so much as a trainer. When I first learned how to lift, I had a typical bodybuilding split. I worked a different muscle group each day and kept my sets and reps consistent for a long, long time. Over the years, my training has changed, been tweaked and advanced. When my friends and I talk about working out, they want to know what I do. Well, the biggest mistake I see as a trainer is people training the same way they see others in the gym, or on TV, or Instagram or wherever. Because chances are, if you’re overweight or your body isn’t moving well, you don’t need to be doing a single arm, tricep cable push down. Bodybuilding is not for everyone and yet, it is becoming so popular that many people have started mimicking those that train that way instead of learning other options… like functional training!

What is functional training? It focuses on training movement patterns instead of isolating a single tricep or other individual muscles. This type of training consists of the fundamental exercises that mirror your every day moves. Bending down to pick something up, for example, is your deadlift. The goal is to use multiple muscles at the same time in a movement pattern. Why? Because your body is designed to move. Spending time on a machine at the gym busting out reps in a predetermined motion isn’t going to do anything.

There are a hundred different benefits that come from functional training. Burning more fat, correcting bad posture and always activating your core are just a few! But the biggest selling point is this: you’re teaching your body how to move better. It’s what we do everyday and it’s what we hope to do for a long time. When you’re 75 years old, a healthy, functional body that can get up off a chair is going to be your game changer. So get moving!

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