Love You Like Your Dog


Today, it rained for what seemed like 12 straight hours and my mood seemed to reflect similarly. I couldn’t channel any motivation and when I got to the gym, I took one look in the mirror and wanted to just leave. Now, I know for a fact my body had the same circumference measurements, same body fat, same height and weight as the day before (when I had tremendous motivation and a great workout) so why did I feel like an oompa loompa less than 24 hours later? Your mood and your feelings and your own personal motivation changes on a daily basis. Bursts of confidence come and go in waves and everyone becomes inspired in their own way. It’s so natural to have bad days that it’s not even funny. Everyone has bad days, but a bad day isn’t the reflection of your highest, best self.  If you ever have trouble reminding yourself of this, think of this:

That day I got home from my awful workout and greeted my dog at the door. She looked so damn cute in her Christmas sweater and I was so happy to see her. I kept telling her how much I love her and how perfect she is in my babytalk voice and she kept wagging her tail and giving me kisses. I thought to myself, if I gave myself just half the amount of love that I give to my dog, there would be no sad days.

Think of that person or pet or whatever it is you love unconditionally, write down how they make you feel and then do the same for yourself. Because you are awesome and sometimes, you just have to remind yourself of that.

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